There is a possibility to join our group SPAT Wroclaw twice a year: spring and autumn recrutation. Detalis like place and time of a meeting will be given not later than one week before the selected date.

Candidate who would like to join GR SPAT Wroclaw has to fit the following criteria:

-Age 18 or older
-Current certificate of not being convicted by an effectual court sentence and filled in application
-At least basic equipment for black tactics (airsoft pistol (Glock 17), tactical boots, uniform, goggles, a belt with a holster) Equipment
-Basic knowledge about antiterroristic units

Recrutation process is divided to 4 sections:

1. Conversation with a head of training, showing an application and certificate of not being convicted
2. Physical test
3. Training course and learining basics of tactics, martial arts and alpinistic technics
4. Exam checking the knowledge of a recruit

A candidate is still being judged by SPAT members during the whole training course. There are no gender limits. A candidate can be outplaced from the training course on a discretionary stage.

Application in *DOC Download
Application in *PDF Download

Zaświadczenie o niekaralności dostaniesz w Punkcie Informacyjnym Krajowego Rejestru Karnego przy Sądzie Okręgowym we Wrocławiu
Tel. 0 prefiks 71 33 69 362
Fax. 334 45 01
ul. Komandorska 16
50-950 WROCŁAW
Koszt wydania zaśw. 50 zł

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