As a group which gathers specific people and which is opened to new opportunities to broaden tactical knowledge we decided to run a new section on our website – Cooperation. Here you can find out what are our objectives or how can we run some cooperation.

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in cooperation with us. We are opened to:

-Mutual trainings with the gropus of police/military units reenactors
-Cooperation with companies running training courses
-Cooperation with groups similar to ours
-Cooperation on an international level
-Organising mutual tactical manouvers

Our objectives:

a)promoting police and military units
b)cooperation with groups of special police and military units reenactors
c)improving physical shape
d)organising training camps/courses to bring topics like medical care on a battlefield, green and black tactics and alpinistic technics during counterterroristic operations up
e)providing wide informational activity oriented to form an appriopriate attitude to military/police service through citizens
f)international cooperation with similar groups
g)cooperation with similar groups
h)integration of people with similar interests
i)cooperation with MON (Ministry of National Defence) and MSWiA (Ministry of Interior and Administration)

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