FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the recrutation process last? What exercises are included in physical test?
Recrutation process lasts about 3 months. During physical test candidate will have to face tasks like 1000m run, press-ups, pull-ups and others. We expect from a candidate avarage or better physical shape and motivation for work.

I would like to know what are your tasks. Do you arrest some dangerous criminals like Special Police Antiterrorist Unit does?
No, this is our hobby and we don`t arrest anyone. You can find out what do we do durings trainings from this website.

How can I get equipment and what are the costs?
We help recruits in choosing the right gear because we use very specified equipment. In the beginning you will need approximately 1000 zlotys to buy an airsoft pistol (Glock 17), tactical boots, uniform, goggles and a holster. Of course later you will have to complete your equip.

Are you interested in organising a show/training course during a fete/party/other cultural event?
All requests like this are considered individually but we are trying to limit every public activity as much as possible.

Does vision impairment/acrophobia unables me to join the group?
No. We all have some fears or phobias but we are fighting them on every-week trainings. There are also some goggles which enables you to wear glasses under them or install some lenses inside.

We are a new group and we are starting our adventure with reenactment. Can you give us some tips how to form a group like this to make it work properly?
With particular questions we would like to invite you on our forum www.spatwroclaw.fora.pl

We are a group from a city X, is there a possibility to organise a mutual training?
Please read “Cooperation” section. All information about collaboration are included there.

If you have any questions, please send mail to:

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